About Opulence Media Group

Opulence Media Group (OMG!) is a diversified full-service entertainment, marketing and advertising agency that provides integrated digital branding strategies and owns and operates print, digital and live event properties. Based in Miami, Florida, OMG specializes in creating and distributing original entertainment, music, news, and lifestyle content.

They come because OMG understands the complex relationship between brands, content and millennial consumers. We provide a platform that feeds their obsession with style, music and pop culture – and incentivizes them to share stories, join communities, and explore.

We are creative

Opulence’s operations started with the launch of Sommo Vita 2012. We have since grown into a digital media and entertainment platform comprised of a portfolio of branded sites serving large, underserved audiences online.

We are awesome

Opulence Media Group’s digital platform targets influential consumers, globally. Our network receives rave reviews from everyday and notable viewers provides fresh and edgy content for those who live a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

We are innovation

Our owned and operated sites reach over 10.1M unique visitors, our platform can deliver 90% of online AA millennials, multicultural parents, and other targeted demos.

We are the best

The most authentic, trusted brands in the world. The Opulence Media network of 10 influential lifestyle sites holds the dominant position in online music content creation.

Who we are?

We're a creative, passionate, proactive and accountable team with a diverse set of talents and experience. Cultural loving digital junkies creating the most influential and engaging editorial communities and events on the planet.

Our Statistics

We offer numerous advertising capabilities across our suite of premium sites. Also, advertising with OMG! is totally safe for your brand. Our portfolio, combined with our capabilities provide several unique opportunities for any brand marketer’s needs.

Page Views Per Month

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Our network is top #100 comScore

Our Services

Opulence Media Group is a digital entertainment, marketing, advertising, and services organization offering a comprehensive set of products to help local and international businesses reach more customers, generate leads and grow their online presence across web, mobile and beyond.

Our portfolio of premium lifestyle and entertainment website and print properties is a dynamic group of influential publishers who motivate audiences through original content, editorial experiences, and social conversations. Over 10MM unique visitors consuming over 50MM pages monthly, we drive scale and influence among music and entertainment enthusiasts.

Website Content Takeover

Powerful association with content and trusted brands – the brands our audiences turn to for the their next obsession.

E-Mail Newsletter Blasts

Custom email written by our editorial team integrated content and stories surrounding your brand. Then sent to over 50,000+ of our loyal online followers and readers.

Live Event Sponorships

Our live events offer vital commercial opportunities to our customers and partners. From exhibit space and product sampling, to multi-platform marketing integrations.

Professional Web Design

An online presence is critical for your business. This is where your business gains credibility, and consumers learn about your products or services. We build your website with this in mind.

Social Media Management

Being active on social media grows your referral business, engages customers and builds community. Let OMG! humanize your brand to gain loyal customers.

Advertise With Us

Get your brand on our premium website and in our magazine properties that motivate customers through great advertorial, placements and social conversations.

Branded Partnership

Our network of lifestyle sites represents a daily addiction for over 10 million pop culture fanatics. They come in droves because we share their passion for pop culture, TV, movies, style, celebrity and more. We live and breathe it 24/7 just like our audience.

What clients say about us

Jamal Al Mawed
Strauss Zelnick
Sheri McCoy
Simon Brown
Any "Cool" Nguyen

For Branding Inquiries, please submit a request using the form below. OMG! is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Advertising Rates

Opulence’s owned and operated display banners are beautifully integrated into our brands sites and publications, providing advertisers with a feature-rich canvas for showcasing their brand or driving user action. Each placement adheres to well-established IAB and MMA standards, often allowing for existing creative to be leveraged without additional editing.

Digital Package

$500/ bi-weekly

  • 2 Full Websites Main Page Wraps
  • 2 Full Week Placement
  • 1 728 x 90 Leaderboard Banner
  • 1 120 x 600 Skyscraper Banner
  • 1 300 x 300 Square Blog Banner
  • Limited Time Only!

Combo Package

$1,835/ bi-monthly

  • 1 Full Print Ad
  • 1 Full Website Main Page Wrap
  • 2 Advertorial Online/Print Features
  • 1 728 x 90 Leaderboard Banner
  • 1 120 x 600 Skyscraper Banner
  • 1 300 x 300 Square Blog Banner

Print Package

$2,450/ issue

  • 1 Full Color Full Page Advertisement
  • 1 Advertorial Feature
  • 10,000 Ratebase
  • No Setup Fees
  • 25% Discount
  • Limited Time Only!